iPhone International Calls

November 13, 2011

to use iPhone conveniently for international calls you can register with iPhone International calls app and use tel3dialer as shown in this video
Android app is also available

Tel3Dialer iphone application – direct link to itunes

September 2, 2010

Try Tel3Mobile Free Try – this is page where you can try few minutes of tel3mobile for free!!
By popular demand i have to put direct link to iTunes application download page so lazy people like me can just press on this link to http://tinyurl.com/tel3mobile

tel3dialer video

May 13, 2010

Here is the video for Tel3Dialer. To sign up follow this link

Tel3Dialer missing review

June 18, 2009

As a one of the top agents of Netel Corporation I had chance to get my hands on Tel3Dialer. This is new application which allow you to place phone calls several times(!!!) less expensive than regular connections from US and Canada.

So how this is possible? The application use well known and time tested concept of dial-around calls with several improvements.

In this concept you register your phone with dial around provider and agree to payment terms. This part is clear somebody provide you a service and you introduce yourself to each other.

To place a call you dial local number where computer tell you to dial the number of your party in other country. after you dial they place a call using their own network. and as result you get billed… Most wonderful that you usually pay several times less than direct call especially in such an environments where you not have choice of long distance provider. Good example of it would be iPhone with AT&T. Generally AT&T rates are extremely high even on their “AT&T calling cards” but much higher from cellular phones.

My friend recently placed a short call to her old friend in Canada with being absolutely sure that she is calling to Oregon but actually she called Canada and she was billed $30 for it! After several years of using phone cards for placing international calls it is hard to believe that such rates are still exists.

Anyway you just figured that it is not just free application but payed service. But i can offer you a chance to try it for free. Or actually for a cost of a text message. Now, just go to tel3advantage free trial page type in your number and you can have several minutes to call your distant friends or family.  And please bookmark or digg this page for me.

Tel3 Iphone faq

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